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Flossbank is decomissioning... Please read more here (opens in new window).

Flossbank –On a mission to support Open Source

At Flossbank, we help Open Source authors and maintainers receive compensation for their work.

Our mission isn’t unique. Our approach is.

For MaintainersFor DevelopersFor Businesses

What is Flossbank

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The equitable way to support Open Source

Flossbank uses a combination of enterprise funds, developer donations, and developer ad revenue to support all of the packages used, all the way down the dependency tree. Yes, all of them.

  • Accessible

    Our no-cost option means everyone can support Open Source maintainers

  • Equitable

    We give across the entire dependency tree, supporting maintainers big and small

  • Seamless

    Flossbank doesn’t change your existing workflow

  • Maintenance-free

    Your donations go directly to the packages you use

About Us

For developers

Seamlessly give back to the maintainers you rely on

Flossbank provides a free and frictionless way to give back to Open Source maintainers, especially those who don’t have time for self-promotion. Here's how that's possible.

By installing our package manager wrapper, you support maintainers across the entire dependency tree of each Open Source package you install in one of two ways: terminal ads or monthly contributions.

Support maintainers at no cost

Opt in to curated, tech-focused ads in your terminal when you install Open Source packages. Here's how it works.

Or set a monthly donation

Donate monthly to the developers and maintainers of the Open Source packages you install.

Sign Up

Are you an author or maintainer?

Visit the Flossbank maintainer portal (opens in new window)

For businesses

Equitable contributions to the Open Source ecosystem

By registering your GitHub Enterprise account with Flossbank, you can give to authors and maintainers across the entire dependency tree of your installed packages.

  • Fortify the code your company relies on by giving to the maintainers building it

  • Rest easy knowing 99% of your donation goes to authors and maintainers

  • Donate with a single click and have your company logo show up on every package you depend on